Richard has retired now so if you want to wear the Moriarty tartan then you will need to buy the pattern and have the tartan woven for you elsewhere. The pattern costs £100 and there are many tartan weaves who can make up the cloth for you once you give them the pattern however the tartan must only be made for members of the Moriarty family. Richard has always loved his Irish roots, there is something about being connected to the heritage of the isles that stays in the blood. Very much at home on the small islands around the British coast Richard fell in love and got married to his wife Helen whilst they were both living and working on the Isle of Iona, a very special little island off the west coast of Mull.

Richard’s family roots are in the small holdings of West Droum, near Glenbeigh in County Kerry but his grandfather emigrated, along with many of his generation, at the very beginning of the twentieth century and he set up home in Clydebank, Glasgow whilst others of the family crossed the Atlantic to the USA. The Celtic blood runs deep in the family and with both Scottish and Irish roots it was obvious that as a weaver Richard would eventually end up specialising in hand woven tartans.


Richard has always admired the lovely soft natural colours used in the Irish tartans which many say are considerably older in their origins than those of the Scottish clans, this may or may not be true but apart from a plain saffron kilt (a plain mustard colour) the Irish tartan was never used by big estates or the military for uniforms, so the Irish tartans are less well known.

Irish families tended to use a district tartan, so it is quite acceptable for members of the Moriarty family to wear the Kerry tartan although the registered Kerry tartan is also a modern design. Richard has always worn his Kerry Kilt with great pride but as a weaver he wanted a tartan that represented what is after all probably the most well known family name on the planet – who has not heard of the famous “Moriarty”?

With his heritage in mind and true to the historic Irish tartans, Richard set out to design and weave a family tartan which has recently been completed and is now registered as a name tartan with the Scottish Tartans Register Number 11925.

Only to be worn/used by those directly related to the Moriarty family.
Only to be woven with the designer’s permission.Moriarty 2017 tartan