Have fun whilst you learn with the Bare Weaver
A fun day playing with wool.

You can decide what you want to focus upon either spinning or weaving.


Learn about the fleece and how it is prepared, washed and carded.
Learn about other fibres that can be used.

Have a go at spindle spinning and then progress onto a wheel to spin your own skein of hand-spun wool.
Spinning is fun and a relaxing and stress relieving thing to do. You can start with a spindle that you can make for yourself, or a bought one, and for some people that is all they ever want to use as it is very portable and the results are great. There is a knack to using a spinning wheel but once you understand how spinning works using a spindle moving onto a wheel becomes much more understandable.
Whichever method you use the real learning in spinning is how to prepare the fibre before you try to spin it. You can spin any fibre but some are much easier than others – so we will start with nice natural wool and go from there. Learning how to clean and card the wool and prepare it for spinning is all important and where lots of people have problems, that’s why I include this within the course.
If you can already spin then we can spend the day looking at improving your spinning and trying some different fibres.


Once you have your wool made into a yarn you can of course knit or crochet with it or you may like to try your hand at weaving.
Have a go with a peg loom or a pin loom and turn your wool into the start of something wonderful.

Try a rigid heddle loom and create something wonderful.

Or have a go with a table top or floor loom which gives you an amazing set of weaving options. I will set the loom up ready or I can show you how to do it – getting the warp onto the loom always takes time so it can be helpful to have it done for you for your first session.
The day is meant to be fun and relaxing and whilst you will learn a lot you will also find the stresses of the world just pass you by.
You will also learn a little about the special sheep we get our wool from and how important it is to source your wool carefully.
Our wool comes from named sheep on small farms that use no chemicals or dye markers – so our wool is natural and we like to keep it that way.

What’s included in the price?
The use of Spindles, wheels, looms and of course the wool is provided.
Courses are available –

By arrangement  10.30AM to 4PMFarfield Mill just outside Sedbergh; tea, coffee, soup, cakes and sandwiches and hot meals are available in the weavers café downstairs.

Wheelchair accessible.