Richard buys his yarn for weaving or knitting direct from Shetland and can guarantee that the wool for the yarn comes directly from local Shetland crofts and not from Shetland breed sheep that are kept on the mainland, it is 100% pure Shetland wool and is not mixed with wool from elsewhere.DSCN4084

The wool is washed and combed, dyed then turned into yarn whilst still on the island by Shetland’s only spinning mill a small family owned and run enterprise since its inception back in the 1980s.

Purchased yarn or Hand-spun yarn – all of the wool Richard uses is 100% UK wool from native or rare breed sheep which supports local smallholders and small family businesses in the UK.

Richard’s hand spun wool is sourced from UK smallholdings; often from the shepherd’s hand reared pet sheep; the wool is hand washed, carded and spun into special art yarns using only hand or foot power.DSCN4594
Richard does sometimes spin and weave with other local fibres such as alpaca and occasionally some special fibres that have to be bought in from small producers abroad, such as camel, cotton or linen, as there simply isn’t a local producer available.

Hand processing locally sourced wool is labour intensive, taking time and effort but Richard considers it to be worth it; Selecting the best is better for the sheep, for the farmer, for Richard’s ethical resolve and for you, the purchaser of the wonderful and unique garments and accessories that you can guarantee are genuinely local, ethically produced, long lasting pure UK wool.

  • No shipping of your wool half way around the planet
  • Richard’s spinning wheels and looms are 100% hand  or foot powered
  • Each item is completely unique and hand made.
  • An extremely low carbon footprint
  • You can’t get much greener than that!

It has to be worth that bit more just to be saving the planet and to be saving rare and local breed sheep and our small farmers.