EXCITING TIMES – The Bare Weaver is opening studio space in Lancaster UK – OPENING 5th DECEMBER 2017

So it is time for a little bit of expansion. Having acquired a lovely but quite large 12 shaft countermarch loom that has filled my home studio I was left with the issue of where could I take people who want to learn to spin or weave and where could I sell my wonderful weaving and spinning produce.

The answer came from an offer of space in the Assembly rooms in Lancaster where I can work on my smaller 4 shaft loom or my spinning wheel and have a small display area for my products. It’s all quite exciting and feels like the right thing to be doing – so I’ve given up my paid employment to expand my weaving and spinning time and to encourage others to take up these wonderful heritage crafts.
Why not call in to see me, bring a wheel or a spindle or borrow one of mine for a small fee and lets have a lovely spin in!
Want to learn from scratch – contact me about my beginners have a go days